New Years Meeting - Intercultural Night

New Year's Meeting - Intercultural Night

On the 14th of December we are throwing a meeting & party in dormitory with our guest students from Ukraine and Turkey.

Being Erasmus+ or exchange student at somewhere abroad is the most awesome way to show how cool your country is. Our guest students from Turkey and Ukraine will cook some dishes from their culture and present it to us.

Purpose of this event is to gather all the Erasmus+ students together and let them answer your questions about Erasmus+. There will be Polish students who has experienced Erasmus+ as well. They will all help you to answer your questions and inform you about the programme.

If you are interested in Erasmus+ programmes or making new friends what are you waiting for? Here is the challenge; we are looking forward to taste your cultural foods, drink your special drinks, be more informed about your country and dance with your cultural dances. Grab something that we would be interested and use it as an icebreaker to make new friends.

Party will be held in dormitory at 16:00. We can't wait to see you in this party.