Transborder co-operation - to your health!

Transborder co-operation - to your health!

Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra w Jeleniej Górze together with its leading partner - Higher and Secondary Medical School from Trutnov in Czech Republic began carrying out a common project: Trans-border Education of Medical Students, which received funding rom the  Territorial Co-operation Programme Interreg V-A  Czech Republic - Poland from the European Regional Development Programme. 

Students of medical programmes from the partner institutions can take part in activities which will strengthen their competences as the future graduates on the euroregional job market and improving their skills of taking care of the patients in the border region. The activities comprise of: 

- 2-week internships abroad for the students in Poland and Czech Republic in the healthcare institutions;

- comparing the systems of health care by the students from both schools during five 2-day workshops;

- exchanging information on innovative practices and good practice during two common conferences;

- language education carried out during extra-mural language courses for Polish and Czech students.

The project will last for 2 years and its activities on the Polish side are worth 127 307  Euro. The finances will also serve to buy necessary equipment for the purpose of the preparation of the students for the internships and workshops. 

On 22-23 September in Janskie Lazne a workshop for the organizational and pedagogical team of the project was organized, so that both Polish and Czech teams could get to know each other better and we would be able to appropriately take care of the students in the coming years!

On 22 September in the evening we were visited by Karkokonosze College students who have just been finishing their Easmus+ practical placements in Janskie Lazne - or Janskie Spa. It was really nice to see them!

The result of the meeting is the timetable with project activities, which can be found here. The timetable is subject to further changes.


On 9 November 2016 r. an Opening Conference of the project is planned in Trutnov. More detailed information on the conference will be published soon. You can however already apply to go to the Conference by writing to: bogumił

A Polish article with some more photos from the preparation phase of the project can be found here.

Author: Kamila Biniek