Possible accomodation places for the IHRN conference

Below there is a list of hotels which you can consider regarding your stay. Whenever appropriate, some additional remarks about the hotels are added. In almost all cases the hotels prepared an offer especially for our guests.

Here you can find out more about how to get to Jelenia Góra: click here

The reccomended accomodation

1) Karkonosze College Halls of Residence photos: see here, book by sending an email with the dates of your stay to: kamila.biniek@kpswjg.pl

double room with breakfast: 100 PLN (for 1 person in the room), wi-fi

Directly on the campus. The closest shop is at a distance of 15 minutes, TESCO.


2) Uzdrowisko Cieplice/Cieplice Spa click here

(about 10 km from the Campus, with the possibility to receive therapeutical treatment and use the infractructure of the spa, in a very nice neighbourhood. One-way taxi to the campus should not cost more than 20 PLN per ride - that it 5 Euro). There are plenty of buildings which the Spa administers and the best one is the so called "Długi Dom": "Long House".

Double room with breakfast  - 140 PLN - per person
Single room with breakfast - 160 PLN - per person

3) Also in Cieplice - near the hotels administered by the Spa, there is a hotel Caspar: click here

lena@caspar.pl, recepcja@caspar.pl

We reccomend it also. The prices are:

Double room with breakfast  - 210 PLN
Single room with breakfast - 140 PLN

Triple room with breakfast - 260 PLN

4) Baron Hotel click here
(the closest to the campus, walking distance) bookings: recepcja@hotelbaron.pl

Double room with breakfast  - 210 PLN
Single room with breakfast - 150 PLN
In the case of a stay longer than 1 day, the prices will be 190 and 140 PLN.

5) Finally, there is a Mercure Hotel click here (about 10 minutes by Taxi to the campus, about 30 minutes walking)

E-mail: H3408@accor.com

Double room with breakfast - 180 PLN
Single room with breakfast  - 150 PLN
(reservations until 10.07.2017)

In the hotel there is a swimming pool, sauna.

Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful pensions and hotels situated around Jelenia Góra. Some of them are indeed monumental historical palaces. You can access them best if you have a car:
Chata za Wsią http://www.chatazawsia.com/en
Pałac Wojanów http://www.palac-wojanow.pl/en
Pałac Łomnica http://www.palac-lomnica.pl/en

Find out more about the Jelenia Góra Valley of Palaces and Gardens here: http://www.dolinapalacow.pl/